Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to: Clip in Extensions

Hello lovelies :)

This evening was a whole new great experience for me :). I got my Mary Kay starter kit and I made clip in extensions for my friend! So let's start with the simplest thing I did today, which was actually the extensions. This is actually super super easy! So let's start with materials:
1) a weft of real human hair that matches your hair color and either is for added length or added volume.
2) a curved needle so you don't stab yourself with it.
3) thread or embroidery thread to sew the weft to the clips.
4) wig clips to sew the weft to and to clip into the hair.
5) scissors to cut thread and the weft of hair.
6) clips to hold the real hair in place when measuring.

Now well start with the actual process.

1) I always start with sectioning the hair from ear to ear so you have front and back sections.
2) section the back half about an inch and a half from the hairline to start measuring the section of the weft to cut. Never ever go from end to end on your section. This causes the edges to be seen easier. I always start and end my measurement at least half an inch from my hairline to avoid this. Once you've measured you can cut!
3) Cut your measured length and set aside. Move up an inch an a half to section out the next section. Repeat all of steps two and three.
4) once you reach the top of the head move on to the sides.
5) repeat all steps again keeping half an inch from the hairline and moving up at inch and a half increments until you get to the inch section before their part
6) After you finish both sides and have all your sections cut its time to sew!
7) with the larger sections (mainly the back sections) you may need 2 or 3 wig clips to hold the section in place.
8) wig clips have holes you can thread a needle through. So thread your needle and place the clip (comb side out) on the back of the cut weft of hair.
9) line the holes up with the band at the top of the weft and start sewing. You can sew anyway you wish but just make sure it's tight and hold the hair well enough.
10) repeat on all wefts and your done!

Now it's time to clip into your hair and rock that longer thicker hair. For cheap!

Materials and prices:
Weft of hair: $19.99
Wig clips: $3.99/ pack
Curved needles: $2.99 for 4
Thread: $.98
Hair Clips: ~$1
Scissors: ~$4

Time to complete: ~1 hour

Price of precut and clipped extensions: ~$149.99 at Sally Beauty Supply

So as you can see you save a whole lot of money for the same product. It just takes a little time and patience and before you know it you have your own extensions to use over and over again :)

P.s. those clips in the last picture were actually sewed in backwards. Haha that was my mistake! Sorry for any confusion!
Have a fabulous pink day 💗

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