Saturday, January 12, 2013

Get Ready With MEEEE :)

Hey all!

Hailea here again, I just recently uploaded a new youtube video... well in two parts haha. Get ready with me! Natural makeup with a red lip because thats how i roll ;) Have a great day guys!

Pink Hugs,

Hailea Reign

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Herrow :)

Hey all!

So this is just going to be a random blog while the YouTube video I'm trying to watch buffers.  Darn slow Internet :/ so anyways I just wanted to jump on here real quick and let you all know that I'm going to be doing some videos on YouTube. Some favorite products videos for hair, nails, and makeup; as well as a few tutorials. So be on the look out! here's the link to my YouTube channel here...


Pink Hugs,

Hailea Reign

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Video!

Hey everyone!

I posted a new video to my YouTube today! Its short and simple and to the point! I just discuss my nail polish collection in a very summarized way. Also there is a small review on nail polish brushes. I prefer OPI and Zoya polish to Essie and China Glaze simply because the brush is wider. I hate the Essie and China Glaze polish brushes, theyre just too thin and take more time to polish a client or your own nails. Just my own personal opinion. Hope you guys enjoy!

Pink Hugs,


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Friday, December 21, 2012


A lot has been going on the past few weeks or so. More Mary Kay than I know what to do with ;) as well as quitting a job and looking for a new one. I've been "experimenting" with my hair a lot tho and I think I found the solution to growing my hair out! It's simple.

1: Don't use heat
2: Don't use bleach
3: leave it alone!
4: Trim it up
5: Pre-natal vitamins

So it's been hard to not use bleach on the bottle blonde I have and not using heat on the awkward waves I have to either make them straight or better. But I can already tell my hair has gotten thicker and longer which makes me more than happy! Hope everyone has a happy holiday season and expects more posts from me in the future!

Hailea Miller
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nail Polish Collection!

Ever wondered what nail polishes I post on Facebook? Or what brand they are? Well here ya go! My ever changing nail polish collection revealed! Need specifics about a color? Want to borrow a polish? (if you live near me) just post a comment!

Wheel 1: OPI
1) OPI Red
2) Red My Fortune Cookie
3) Gettin' Miss Piggy With It
4) Germanicure by OPI
5) Every Month Is Oktoberfest
6) Sparrow Me The Drama
7) Cozu-melted In The Sun
8) Grand Canyon Sunset
9) Excuse Moi
10) Dim Sum Plum
11) Be A Dahlia Won't You?
12) Chicago Champagne Toast
13) Steady As She Rose
14) Y'all Come Back Ya Here
15) A Roll In The Hague
16) Warm and Fozzie
17) Stranger Tides
18) Gargantuan Green Grape

Wheel 2: OPI
19) Did It On Em
20) Mermaids Tears
21) Zombody To Love
22) Just Spotted The Lizard
23) Fresh Frog Of Bel-air
24) I Vant To Be A Lonestar
25) I Dont Give A Rotterdam
26) Fly
27) Suzi Says Feng Sheui
28) Yodel Me On My Cell
29) Blue My Mind
30) Gone Gonzo
31) Planks A Lot
32) Divine Swine
33) Rainbow Connection
34) Metallic 4 Life
35) Save Me
36) Skull And Glossbones

Wheel 3: OPI and Zoya
37) Happy Anniversary
38) White Shatter over white
39) Black Shatter over white
40) Gold Shatter over white
41) Navy Shatter over white
42) Shatter The Scales over white
43) Super Bass Shatter over white
44) Pink Shatter over white
45) White Shatter over black
46) Black Shatter over black
47) Gold Shatter over black
48) Navy Shatter over black
49) Shatter The Scales over black
50) Super Bass Shatter over black
51) Pink Shatter over black
52) Kissy - Zoya
53) ? - Zoya
54) Tanzy - Zoya

Wheel 4: Misc Nail Polish
55) Rina - Zoya
56) Twila - Zoya
57) Nova - Zoya
58) Luna - Zoya
59) Silver Glitter Effects - CND
60) Coral Bikini - Avon
61) Orange Creamsicle - Avon
62) Show Me White - Sinful Colors
63) Black On Black - Sinful Colors
64) Digital - Sally Hansen HD
65) Pixel Pretty - Sally Hansen HD
66) Heart Breaker - Pure Ice
67) Celestial - Pure Ice Frosted Ice
68) Blink - Spell Cosmetics
69) Neon Green - Hot Topic Nails
70) Bright Pink - LA Colors
71) Red - CND
72) Red With Gold Sparkles - ?

Wheel 5: Nail Art and OPI
73) Energy - Petites by Scherer
74) 1B28 - Stripe Rite
75) 1K03 - Stripe Rite
76) 1L02 - Stripe Rite
77) 1J01 - Stripe Rite
78) 1C17 - Stripe Rite
79) Silver - LA Colors Art Deco
80) Gold - LA Colors Art Deco
81) Rose In Your Nose - Sinful Colors
82) A Slice To Go - Sinful Colors
83) Orange Alert - Sinful Colors
84) Morning Breath - Sinful Colors
85) Me First - Sinful Colors
86) Worn Before - Sinful Colors
87) Anxious Azure - Sinful Colors
88) Sour Grapes - Sinful Colors
89) Danke-shiny Red - OPI
90) Deutch You Want Me Baby - OPI

Wheel 6: OPI
91) Nomads Dream
92) A Taupe The Space Needle
93) Did You Ear About VanGoh?
94) My Boyfriend Scales Walls
95) Pink Friday
96) Princesses Rule
97) Lucky Lucky Lavender
98) Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs
99) Into The Night
100) Red Shatter on white
101) Turquoise Shatter on white
102) Silver Shatter on white
103) Red Shatter on black
104) Turquoise Shatter on black
105) Silver Shatter on black
106) Santantonio
107) Glitzerland
108) Wooden Shoe Like To Know

Wheel 7: OPI
109) Schnapps Out Of It
110) Meet Me On The Starferry
111) Vampsterdam
112) Austintatious Turquoise
113) Blue Shatter over white
114) Blue Shatter over black
115) An Affair In Red Square
116) Too Hot Pink To Hold Em
117) Kiss Me On My Tulips
118) I'm Not Really A Waitress
119) Thanks A Windmillion
120) I Have A Herring Problem
121) Color To Diner For
122) Honk If You Love OPI
123) Lincoln Park After Dark
124) Purple With A Purpose
125) Unfor-gretably Blue
126) Lucerintainly Look Marvelous

Wheel 8: OPI
127) Get In The Espresso Lane
128) Suzi Loves Cowboys
129) Number One Nemesis
130) Are We There Yet
131) I'm Not Really A Waitress ( didn't realize I had two)
132) Color So Hot It Berns
133) Pompeii Purple
134) Cajun Shrimp
135) Charged Up Cherry
136) A Rose At Dawn Broke By Noon
137) My Address Is Hollywood
138) Heart Throb
139) Pedal Faster Suzi
140) Rosy Future
141) Sparklehorse - Kat Von D
142) Ski Teal We Drop
143) Tomorrow Never Dies
144) Moonraker

Wheel 9: OPI and Misc
145) On Her Majestys Secret Service
146) Live And Let Die
147) The World Is Not Enough
148) The Living Daylights
149) Goldeneye
150) Die Another Day
151) The Spy Who Loved Me
152) You Only Live Twice
153) Casino Royale
154) Skyfall
155) Mint Candy Apple - Essie
156) Pippa - Zoya
157) Kiki - Zoya

* color brand is OPI unless specified.

Mary Kay Specials

Hey Guys!

From now until December 20th I am running Mary Kay Specials weekly! Pick up some gifts for friends and family or even get yourself something a little special!

Nov 26 - Dec 3: 10% off your ENTIRE order, and free fragrance samples

Dec 4 - Dec 11: 15% off your ENTIRE order, and a $10 gift certificate for a friend

Dec 12 - Dec 19: 20% off your ENTIRE order, and a $20 gift certificate for a friend

Dec 20: 25% off your ENTIRE order, a $20 gift certificate for a friend and free eyeshadow of your choice.

Visit: to place orders online OR call 660-853-8302 to speak with me and place an order over the phone!

Other Specials:

- Gather $250 in outside orders or online shopping referrals*  and earn $30 to spend in my Mary Kay store!

- Gather $400 in outside orders and receive $50 CASH from me to help with the stress of the holidays!

- Host a Mary Kay party either online or in person and receive a $20 gift certificate to use with your next purchase!

*Must include YOUR name in the comment section of checkout and have name/address/phone number for shipping purposes.

Thanks Guys! Have a great holiday season!

Pink Hugs,

Hailea Reign
Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay
660-853-8302 (cell)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012