Saturday, November 3, 2012

OPI Skyfall Collection 2012

I recently purchased the new OPI polish line called Skyfall. And I must say, I am in LOVE with these colors. They are so beautiful! Most of the colors are very unique. Some look like a color from the regular line with a little more oomph. But all in all the collection is a very good one. All of these colors are available at smart style salons or any other major salon chain for purchase. Or you can purchase them in the Internet. Here's a quick description of the colors and their prices.

Tomorrow Never Dies: a deep royal metallic purple. Looks almost navy in the bottle so I was pleased when it turned out to be purple :)

Moonraker: a metallic bluish silver. Beautiful color to go with a black outfit and perfect for "wow factor" in the evening.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service: deep gray with multi color sparkles. Also a very good evening color.

Live And Let Die: deep forest green with small orange and yellow sparkles. Very unique color but I think it's a good one for fall.

The World Is Not Enough: a warm brown with multi color sparkle. Almost like last years "Warm And Fozzie" fom the Muppets collection but in a lighter brown.

The Living Daylights: chunky copper, silver, and teal glitter. Like most glitter polishes it has a clear base so you need multiple coats to achieve a solid nail.

Goldeneye: warm gold sparkle. By far my favorite in the collection. It has a gold base so two coats is enough to cover your whole nail. Very unique and beautiful color.

Die Another Day: red-orange shimmer. It looks like if "Danke-shiny Red" and "Deutch You Want Me Baby" from the recent Germany collection mixed they would make this wonderful color. Another very unique shade.

The Spy Who Loved Me: a true sparkly red. Very similar to other colors in their line.

You Only Live Twice: deep magenta sparkle. Looks like a glitzier version of "Be A Dahlia Won't You" from their "Nice Stems" collection.

Casino Royale: deep purple burgundy. More of a creme' color. No sparkle but goes in very nicely. Very pigmented. Looks like a regular line color renamed.

Skyfall: deep rusty burgundy. Has a tiny of orange in a wine colored base. Also a creme' color so again. No sparkle.

Price: $8.50 retail.

Thoughts: All in all this collection is gorgeous. All the colors are pigmented and in lively shades to represent James Bond himself 😉. I would definitely suggest having some of these colors in your collection. Below are a few swatches. Enjoy! And have happy nails ❤

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